My Behind The Wheel Training

Let’s get you on the road!

Before you can call to schedule your behind-the-wheel training you will need to complete the 90 minute teen/parent program and all 12 online modules. Check your Course Dashboard to ensure you have completed everything.

When you complete the online program you will receive a certificate as proof. Print and bring this certificate with you when you visit our driving center to take your in-person final exam.

When you have completed the online courses, call us at 434-791-2223 to schedule your final exam.

After passing your in-person final exam you are eligible to schedule behind the wheel training lessons. We can help get you scheduled for your first drive time when you visit us in-person to take your final exam.

  1. Complete your online course.
  2. Visit our local driving center to take your in-person final exam.
  3. Receive your certificate of completion. (In-Person)
  4. Schedule your behind the wheel training.
  5. Pass your final driving test and drive off with a license!